Last Google Pagerank Update

Last Google Pagerank Update :

February, 4th 2013


Previous Google Pagerank Update :
August, 18th 2012
May, 09th 2012
February, 06th 2012
Novemeber, 08th 2011

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What is PageRank? PageRank is a value that got from Google and represents how important of a page or a website is on the Internet. Google gives value to a page or a website by figures out how a page links to another page or a website links to another website, this is like a vote for each others. So the more votes to a page, the more important the page must be. Google calculates PageRank from this vote.

So if your page or website has the same content with others, Google will determine on your PageRank
in the search results. Higher PageRank will show on the top. This is not the only way that Google uses to rank pages or websites, but it is an important one to know.

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